*Stephen Prior is based in Seoul and Amsterdam and has been honing his skills in art and communication for more than two decades.
Stephen studied art and design in Australia while working as an art director in the advertising industry. Once graduated, he travelled the world, working for advertising agencies in Zurich, Budapest, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Seoul, as well as being lead creative on projects in New York, New Delhi and Moscow.
During this creative journey, Stephen was impressed by the dualistic nature of his experience: of just how connected he could feel within different cultures and communities and yet, at times, incredibly isolated. These conflicting emotions of togetherness and separation have given birth to an art series that explores the concepts of connectivity, individuality and harmony through deconstruction.
Stephen brings these concepts to life through oblique perspective geometric art. He creates his initial thoughts as rough sketches which are then crafted into geometric digital art. His colour palette is a combination of cool North European hues and bright South Korean tones.
Stephen's work has been exhibited in Seoul and Ilsan galleries, the Sinchon Cultural Salon and the Aa Design Museum. His art features in several private collections in Seoul, Hong Kong and Australia.